Product Support

We are an authorized distributor of leading products to support your company engaged in manufacturing, construction and engineering workshop. Our products are various kinds of Machinery, such as CNC miling and lathe machinesCutting Tools that support milling and lathe machines. We also have different kinds of Sealing and Insulation products. All of our products are high quality products at affordable prices.

  1. HGT ( HG Technology)

Have become synonymous with high performance Solid Carbide Tools in the machining and metalworking industry. We’re proud to have pioneered some of the world’s most advanced cutting technology . Located at Changhua Taiwan

We extend our concept of focus, of specialization to our manufacturing facilities as well. Each of our primary production plants is dedicated to a single, major segment of our product line. Such concentration results in greatly increased efficiency and productivity. It allows each facility’s work force to be fully trained in the unique geometries of the tools they produce. Our customers gain the expertise and enthusiasm of a responsive team that is committed to doing one thing-and doing it best.


Gloria Persada Sejahtera provide the service and technical support for MAHO product with the trade marks TRADE MAX in Indonesia.

MAHO was specialize in Pneumatic tapping machine, Hydraulic tapping machine, Electrical tapping machine and relative accesories, including tap holder and quick change tapping chuck in Taiwan have been 25 years.